Founder / Director

Bill Pride

Vietnam Veterans Outreach began in 1995 in Quitman, TX, out of my experiences in navigating the VA system for physical, financial, and emotional challenges in adjusting to civilian life. In coming in contact with numerous veterans who were also having the same battles, it was apparent that the needs were basically the same as my experiences. As a result, the plan and organization were developed to help with information, obtaining and filling out the necessary forms, timely filing of appeals in cases declined, and case representation at the Waco, TX regional VA offices. It was also necessary to help veterans receive counseling for PTSD and physical health treatments, spiritual wellbeing, etc. that had been long neglected. Untreated PTSD and physical health are very costly in terms of lost marriages, parent/child relationships, difficulty in obtaining and remaining employed, etc. Even though my wife and I moved from Quitman, TX in 2010, Vietnam Veterans Outreach is still in operation in Quitman, TX.

We are now located in San Angelo, TX with a slight name change to bring in veterans from all subsequent campaigns and wars since Vietnam. It was apparent that no matter where we are geographically, the needs of veterans, regardless of age, have the same battles as those of the Vietnam era. We are now known as COMBAT VETERANS OUTREACH, INC., and are a 501(3)c Non-Profit Organization. Since originating in 1995 we have helped over 400 veterans find their way to civilian life and getting established in the VA system in meeting their needs along the way.

In addition to the above, we have also expanded our attention to the growing number of homeless veterans, with more detailed information regarding VA services and challenges, and are constantly adjusting our goals to aid in this area. We are fully dependent on donations to aid in these goals, and our team is creative in fund raising events to bolster financial abilities. No officers are administrators are paid or reimbursed for their services – all funding is related to the veterans’ needs with watchful disbursements. Kammer-Pride Ministries is the oversight board for all operations. As we grow, we will adjust to best serve the veterans and community.

  • Supporting Local Veterans
  • No Officers are Paid
  • $35 Annual Dues
    (A small fee in comparison to the number of veterans who are helped in the community)
  • We Welcome All Veterans
      And All Who Support Veterans


Our Officers

Our Officer Volunteers

Bill Pride

Founder/ Director

Noelle Bryant

Associate Director/ Admin. Assistant

Organization Overview
We are making a difference in our community
  • 1995

    Vietnam Veterans Outreach Founded

    Quitman, TX
  • Helping Veterans

    The foundation begins helping Vets with their V.A. goals
  • Over 400 Veterans Assisted

    After helping over 400 Veterans accomplish their goals with the V.A. Bill and his wife move from Quitman.
  • 2011

    New Beginnings

    Bill and his wife move to San Angelo, TX and decide to continue helping Veterans
  • 2011

    Combat Veterans Outreach is Founded

    The need to help Veterans was as prevalent in West Texas as it was in East Texas
  • 2023

    CVO goes Digital

    Combat Veterans Outreach goes digital and is now accepting donations, volunteer applications, and registration forms online.